The web is expanding with portals, intranets, e-Commerce and specialized web applications in individual domains. On a parallel track, the numbers of browsers and their versions have increased. For a web application or an e-Commerce site to be truly successful they have to immediately adapt to the new standards in web browser engines, changes in core technologies like responsive design or server side changes.

When we see this as a whole, we are talking about testing on multiple versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla and Opera with a combination of operating systems. At any given point, you have to assure quality - so that the users are going to complete a successful transaction on your application or website. Failure to do so results in lost clients and ultimately affecting your bottom line. The competition is ALWAYS one click away!

Knowing the amount of time and money that you will have to focus on web testing, we offer a complete suite of testing for the web, so that you are assured of the quality of your product and the guarantee that you are not going to lose any business. This ranges from manual testing on different environments to automation using open source tool like Selenium, which helps assure the best quality with maximum Return on Investment.