Hire Test Automation Experts


At vEmployee, we took the conscious decision to stick only to Selenium? Why - well, for one it's free so it’s cost effective for you. No longer you have to spend $$$$ on big name automation testing softwares.

With Selenium, all the rapid changes suggested in today’s fast changing business scenarios can be seemlessly integrated with the help of Selenium, thus ensuring that build upon build of your application is tested thoroughly - and quickly, thus reducing turnaround time resulting in less time-to-market.

Our team helps you to build the right Selenium strategy and to execute it, so that you are sure that with changes the testing keeps up with pace of your development.

Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium is one of the best opensource automated testing solution for web applications. It comprises of set of tools to automate web browsers across several platforms. Today, Selenium runs in many operating systems, browsers and is controlled by several testing frameworks and programming languages. Use of Selenium is not only limited to web browser automation testing but also to automate web based administration tasks.

vEmployee has profound expertise in automated testing with Selenium. We do automated regression, functional testing, creation of automation framework, test management tools integration, testing of browser compatibility, testing for mobile apps and much more using Selenium.

Top 3 Advantages of Our Selenium Automated Testing Services

Selenium Testing Infrastructure

vEmployee has a team of expert testers who loves Selenium. Our Selenium experts have several years of experience in selenium web application testing which allows you to relax on hiring a tester and setting up testing infrastructure explicitly. We work directly on your projects and test your applications in real browser/OS platforms for web and mobile.

Experts in Handling Complex Projects

Our Selenium test engineers have worked on several complex projects of different domains. We love complexity and challenges. Once you partner with us for Selenium testing automation, it means you can expect your Testing is Well Done. We are equipped to take care of all complexities in your projects through our testing process.

Unique Selenium Testing Services Model

  • Certified and experienced Selenium QA Engineers, who loves Selenium
  • You can hire a selenium tester or team of selenium specialists for full time or part time basis easily
  • Our parent company is CMMI level 3 certified and provided software testing services for 100+ clients in last 16 years
  • Risk Free Selenium Testing for 2 Weeks

Selenium Testing Skills Includes

  • Expert in Selenium with most of the programming languages viz. PHP, C#.NET, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java
  • Apache Flex/Flash and Database testing with Selenium 2
  • Experts in Selenium IDE, RC & WebDriver / Selenium 2
  • Strong Selenium IDE, RC & WebDriver / Selenium 2 expertise
  • Selenium with JUnit, TestNG Frameworks