Mobile Application Testing


Mobile applications have exploded. On 16th May 2013, the Apple AppStore got its 50th billion downloaded. As per the Gartner report of May 2013, 75% of mobile sales are smartphones.

With millions of these new & existing users, the difference of your mobile application bringing in blockbuster sales or a dud is small.

If your application does not perform as per expectations, expect nasty reviews & ratings on the AppStore. And this can be a game-changer for your application.

At vEmployee, we understand this very well. That's why we take care of the application testing across different devices, their versions & responsiveness so that you are assured that your mobile application does not crash when it's used by real-world user.

Testing on mobile is also not limited to just checking for bugs.

We focus on the User Interface of the application as well. With mobiles, the attention span of the user is very less. If he does not finds the User Interface simple and easy to do a specific task, your application risks getting deleted.

At vEmployee, we cover full-fledged reviews right from the requirement & design phase (be it iOS, Android & Windows) where our team validates the requirements and the User Interface to make sure that they are intuitive and easy to use.