RIA Service Overview

Rich Internet Applications (RIAs) transform web applications or legacy systems into interactive, striking, instinctive and rich web applications with features and functionalities which surpass traditional applications. RIAs empower your business with solutions that are more reliable, focused, reactive and smart, of course.

Benefits of RIAs

RIAs offer organizations an established, cost-effective approach to deliver modern applications with real business benefits:

  • Propose users more interactive, engaging and richer experience
  • Leave scopes for modifications, to cope with users' rising expectations
  • Generate higher profits with increased customer loyalty
  • Integrate across multiple systems, make online transactions easy

vEmployee appreciates the significance of RIAs in web development and combines the benefits of achieving a rich user experience using the web with a cost effective deployment model. We offer comprehensive RIA services which is faster, accessible, light weighted and more over creates more interactive & interesting user experiences.

At vEmployee, we create highly interactive and user engaging desktop & web applications. Our services emphasize on each and every appeal to reach the optimum level of performance implementing RAI technologies. We have a talent pool of Adobe Certified Experts for RIA Development Services. Our Rich Internet Application Developers have in depth knowledge and proven expertise in Flex Programming, Flash Designing, Adobe AIR Programming etc. to deliver comprehensive RIA Development services syncing with Client's business needs.

Our RIA Skill Set includes:

  • Adobe Flex / Apache Flex
  • Adobe AIR
  • Adobe Flash