Adobe AIR Development Services

Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) is a robust multi-operating system, versatile cross-platform runtime environment that allows you to seamlessly build and deploy rich Internet applications (RIA) to your desktop and mobile devices. AIR enables you to leverage your web development skills to build stunning user experiences by using one or a combination of the technologies like Flash, Flex, HTML, JavaScript, Ajax etc.

vEmployee is a pioneer AIR Application Development Company, Specialized in delivering stunning Rich Internet Applications (RIA) development solutions. Our team of Adobe Certified AIR developers has in-depth knowledge & expertise in developing creative, innovative and cost-effective AIR applications.

We let our clients gain more creative control and power to extend their Flash, Flex, HTML, and Ajax-based applications to the desktop, mobile devices, and televisions which ultimately results into increased productivity, reduced cost, heighten profits, improved customer satisfaction and expanded market reach.

AIR web and application solutions that we offer:

  • Adobe AIR programming
  • User interface application development
  • Enterprise level business applications
  • Advanced Desktop Application Development
  • Mobile development using AIR
  • Online/offline mobile applications
  • Social network based application development

Our technical expertise includes:

  • Adobe AIR development systems
  • Flash / Flex / ActionScript /
  • HTML 5/ JavaScript / CSS / Ajax / XML / SQLite / APIs
  • Adobe Flash Platform / Adobe Flash BuilderTM 4
  • Windows and Mac OS X, and Linux platforms