Our Passion is Actionscript. Application Development is Fun.

Actionscript has the power to transform any dull web application or website to a vivid web page with amazing animations, appealing videos and excellent graphics works; if applied properly.

vEmployee has been a pioneer in Actionscript application development for many years. We provide best solutions for your Actionscript project, regardless of project size, complexity and extensiveness. There is nothing complex for us in Actionscript.

Our client base includes companies ranging from small enterprises to large global corporations. What they have in common is their choice to lease Actionscript development teams. They choose our amazing teams who are fully conversant in Actionscript high end website design and web application development. Our team assures supreme quality Actionscript Programming covering all aspects of AS functionalities including product definition, graphics, designs, games, Flash AS development and operating the overall system when it's live.

We follow Agile development model - while the team can decide how to organize itself, it remains flexible to changing requirements and able to produce high quality output in weekly iterations. Test-driven development and continuous integration are our standard.

Most of our customers start receiving a workable application from the second week of development.

Skills and Expertise

  • In-depth knowledge of ActionScript3, XML, MXML, CSS, Eclipse / Flex Builder/ FDT, SVN, Design Patterns including MVC
  • Expertise in Flash development (CPU / memory optimization, Javascript / Flash bridging, Cross-browser compatibility, Flex, AIR)
  • Experience in the development of Flash Applications with heavy server communication (Remoting, Sockets, JSON)
  • Experience with Dependency Injection frameworks (Parsley, Robotlegs)
  • Facebook, Amazon EC2 ActionScript API, Experience in Low-Level (bytes level) development
  • Community awareness with new technologies, frameworks, resources, and open source libraries
  • Eye for detail, performance, and optimization

Why choose us

  • Make games that will be played by millions of people across the world
  • Almost no hierarchies and quick decision making processes
  • Tight project start up and delivery schedule
  • Prompt and Transparent Communication
  • Weekly demo of progress to ensure constant communication
  • Client centric innovation focus with Idea Diary