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Just a few examples of how we’ve
helped companies achieve their business goals.

A Consulting Company   << show less


A consulting company needed a web-based application that would help its members share knowledge with their global peers in various organizations and help them all to learn. Critical to the project was security, scalability, customizable user roles and permissions and well documented APIs.

The vEmployee Solution

A user friendly web-based knowledge sharing application was developed to include all of the critical elements defined by the consulting company. Additional enhancements, suggested by vEmployee to better achieve their business objectives, were also incorporated into the application such as an “Ask the Expert” feature, a showcase of courses and materials and a discussion forum.


The application not only met all of the initial requirements, but exceeded the consulting company’s expectations with additional features—directly in alignment with their business goals.

A Global EDI Company  


An EDI company with a global footprint needed to enhance their existing web-based application to include advanced analytical capabilities, but avoid the expense of developing an entirely new application from scratch. They needed the ability to receive sales data, from multiple trading partners, in their preferred EDI document formats.

The vEmployee Solution

A more efficient and reliable interface was developed to receive sales data from multiple sources, store them in a common database format, and allow users to quickly and easily review and analyze the data.


The company realized significant cost savings by enhancing their existing application instead of developing an entirely new application. Their customers were thrilled with the ability to more quickly and easily generate reports, analyze data and make faster decisions.

An Internet Business 


An internet business in the UK was using overly complex processes to receive orders leading to delays, duplication, loss of orders and overall customer dissatisfaction.

The vEmployee Solution

A single web-application was developed to consolidate, streamline and simplify the order process. Existing technology was upgraded, and centralized, to make order processing more scalable, flexible and productive.


Efficiency, ease of use and customer satisfaction was greatly increased. Delays, duplication, and loss of orders were significantly reduced, or eliminated altogether.

We’re proud, and humbled, by the kind words from our clients.

  • It is surprising and comforting to have third party partners that put forth so much effort and passion towards the growth and success of my company. Even though they are thousands miles away they feel and act as a close part of our team.

    Alan Narz Instant Evaluate

  • vEmployee has made it possible for us to do the impossible.

    Geoff Irine Chalk & Wire Learning Assessment Inc.

  • I look to them not only for software development, but for ideas to better the whole process.

    Chuck Vigeant M.Ed. Certified QuickBooks and POS ProAdvisor Managing Partner ACCOUNTiGRATE, LP

  • The communications between your programmers and supervisors and our staff is excellent and timely.

    Gregory Yova President SOLUTIONS XYZ L L C.

  • Our two organizations worked together as one. I consider them a substantial and highly affordable extension of my technical department.

    Tony Merry Milford Associates Ltd

  • Their commitment and passion to learning the complexities of the U.S healthcare system, along with their dedication to precision engineering has been exceptionally impressive.

    David Iskowe CEO of EnableComp
    Co-founder and former CEO of FOCUS Healthcare, one of the largest specialty healthcare companies in the U.S.

  • vEmployee not only provides the technicians I need, but also the project leaders, relationship managers and online Project Management tools needed to keep things moving smoothly.

    Mike Love

  • Their commitment and passion to learning the complexities of the U.S healthcare system, along with their dedication to precision engineering has been exceptionally impressive.

    Jim Wells SoftSmart Ltd.

  • As we reflect upon the last year we can't imagine doing this without vEmployee. Moreover, vEmployee has truly moved into the realm of a trusted and valued collaborator as we continue to deliver and build upon our vision and mission.

    Dr. Joe Nichols Founder & CEO, Eddy

  • We are lucky that we found vEmployee, who provided fast and reliable web development services. I am sure that if we have further development projects in the future, we will certainly work with vEmployee again.

    Tushar Tanna Co-founder, EVP Products

  • vEmployee is extremely easy to work with, and experts at providing a high quality service through to project completion. We have developed an extremely good relationship, which is reflected in the increasing number of projects in which they are involved.

    Jon Roy Roy Media

  • vEmployee has put together a nice system to manage, design and develop projects that resulted in successful implementation. We could not be happier and will continue to use their services.

    Carmen Romano President, Aberon IT Services, Inc.

  • I can confidently recommend vEmployee as a solid and reliable, and experts in their field. We grew from a small, fledging start-up to into a stable web business receiving more and more traffic each day – and we couldn’t off done it without vEmployee”.

    Adrian Tamblin Director of Operations, Directory of Schools

  • Working with vEmployee has opened our business to new possibilities and has removed the main barrier to growth which is escalating costs. The time difference between the UK and India has really worked to our advantage and it's great to get in to the office and find our programmer already working, on more than one occasion it has been necessary for us to contact our programmer outside of office hours and at the weekend for some emergency work and he has responded brilliantly.

    Robert Holmes Marketing & IT Manager, Into The Blue Experiences & Activity Gifts

  • Avidly searching for a software development resource, to deliver a substantial in house project, we came across the vEmployee concept.

    Initially, attracted by their low prices, we signed up for a probationary, two week period. Impressed with their hard working ethos and responsive customer service, we granted them the seven month programming project.

    Their approach is simple; true to their word they deliver on time and on budget. I would not hesitate to recommend them to any organization looking for a software development resource. Save yourself time and effort, call them first. They provide the best value for money.

    Enrico Williams Tramp Media Productions

  • My vEmployee team is extremely easy to work with. I personally do not have any technical expertise. They explain things in layman's terms, without any IT jargon, go out of their way to make sure I understand what is going on and equip me to make fully informed decisions.

    Stewart Ramsay Intellidat Systems Ltd.

  • We have relied on vEmployee expertise for over 6 years. Each time we have engaged with them they have provided excellent support for our projects. They did this in a very, professional manner and with their hard work and dedication they were able to meet our deadlines.

    Deborah Weckesser

  • I have found vEmployee and their staff (from management to coding engineers) extremely proficient and professional, from pre-contract through to delivery of the product. We believe that their business model is unique to the industry. When compared to traditional programming methods, it is extremely efficient and cost effective. We are pleased with our decision to employ vEmployee and move the bulk of our coding to them, and would not hesitate to recommend their services.

    Rod Cummings, President

  • We always find the developers and others on the vEmployee team, courteous and easy to communicate with. They seem to have a good grasp of the technologies we employ. On occasion they have made special efforts to meet our deadlines and generally deliver high quality work at the expected time.

    Rupert Cutler, I S Director

  • We have used vEmployee’s programming services for over two years now, and we are really satisfied. We have received professional project management from vEmployee’s project leader, and it has been easy to follow the progress of different tasks in their project management system. We are grateful to vEmployee’s well-organized, client-friendly approach and professional results for our projects.

    Jonas Nordstrom,Technical Manager

  • vEmployee as a company has a great deal to offer, and the vEmployee team in particular was very capable and professional. The project manager orchestrated the various services very smoothly and kept the development on track. The developer delivered all the tasks very efficiently and seemed capable of anything. The team clearly understands the software development process and were very valuable in their reliability, capability, and delivery of product, without constant oversight. An excellent remote IT team for a small business. I will gladly use their services again.

    Barry Gutknecht Holly Consultants LLP

  • We evaluated numerous bids before awarding vEmployee the contracts. We have found our dedicated teams to be highly professional, responsive, clear in communications, able to prioritize and implement urgent tasks, available during our business hours, and adaptable to our changing needs. Developers and managers alike take the time to analyze and understand our requests. When something is unclear, they immediately ask questions and we go back and forth with the vEmployee team, making suggestions for improvements, until all is clear.

    vEmployee inherited from our previous developers code that is uneven in its quality; they have done much cleanup and improvement with no fuss, presenting well-executed solutions with only passing reference to the rewriting of existing code that lay behind them.

    We are deeply satisfied with vEmployee's performance, and it is a pleasure to work with their able staff.

    Connie Justice Planson International

  • I am writing this unsolicited testimony in thanks to the wonderful employees at vEmployee. This testimony should help other companies to understand the benefits of using your company which are both based on price and competency.

    I own and run a very successful internet company in the US. I have worked with many programmers and programming companies over the past 10 years that have assisted my firm with various projects, both simple and complicated. Each company in the past has always shown it's limitations unlike the staff at vEmployee.

    I have worked with about 6 programmers at vEmployee on various projects so far, and I have been extremely happy with the outcome and the time that each project as taken to complete.

    The level of competency is high and the communication is great! There is no lack of communication despite the difference in countries.

    I would advise any company of any size that is seeking an affordable solution and looking for both reliability and accountability to give this company a try like I have. I have already recommended vEmployee several times and everyone that I have recommended has been extremely pleased with the outcome of their projects.

    Kudos to the staff at vEmployee — I'll continue to use them for future projects, as we normally have 1-2 of them in the pipeline each year.

    Michael A Siravo III President & CEO The Paper Store Enterprises, Inc.

  • “Our experience with vEmployee has been excellent. They act as true partner with great expertise on various topics that are important to our core products and growth. It is surprising and comforting to have third party partners that put forth so much effort and passion towards the growth and success

    of my company. Even though they are thousands miles away they feel and act as a close part of our team.

    Some of the most important benefits that vEmployee continues to deliver are:

    • The ability to scale up and down as our requirements change
    • A large pool of expertise when we need specialized talent
    • A daily log that allows us to know what each team member does each day
    • Upper management monitors work and satisfaction closely and always quick to respond when issues arise
    • Quality of work has been high quality and consistent

    I would highly recommend vEmployee to other companies that would like to outsource technical resources.”

    Alan Narz Instant Evaluate