Software ISV's :

For Independent Software Vendors (ISV's) intensely competitive market culminate in to shrinking product life cycles, growing technical complexities, shorter release cycles and an ever-faster time-to-market. We understand your requirements and have created a dedicated business unit to address your needs. vEmployee has invested in building Centers of Excellence focused on key technologies like .NET, J2EE and middle-ware platforms, further facilitating rapid time-to-market.

Differentiators :

  1. Superior engineering skills
  2. Flexible delivery models
  3. Cost-effective offshore product development & support
  4. Robust IPR protection mechanisms
  5. Collaborative product development methodologies
  6. Robust quality frameworks
  7. Leverage of tools/reusable component libraries


We follow an integrated approach to service delivery, where at the core of our offshore product development offering is a strong Product Life Cycle Management methodology, into which any number of ancillary services can be incorporated. We also help ISV's as one stop solution provider for managing all their critical IT Support Systems.