Mobile Hybrid


Hybrid app is a Native with embedded HTML means it has all the benefits of native apps: full access of api's app-store presence etc. Selected portions of app are written using web technologies.

"Write once & deploy anywhere" comes true with our experience team in various platforms such as Titanium, PhoneGAP, Rho-Mobile.

We have developed a framework that provides a platform-independent API (application programming interface) using a mainstream programming language (like JavaScript). Developers use the API to build the mobile application, including the UI, data persistence and business logic.

Advantages of Cross Platform Mobile App Development:

  • Application can be easily accessed on smartphones with different OS
  • Reduced development & long-term maintenance cost
  • Reduction in number of skills required for development purpose
  • The app easily integrates with native features of the device
  • Proves to be a time saving method for businesses

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