Mobility Consulting

There are more mobile devices than people on the planet, which cause fundamental transformation in human behavior the way we utilize mobile/smart phones & tablets in day-to-day business these days.

Understanding the importance of this essential shift; there is a need for constant research and update with new trends within mobile technology.

At vEmployee, we formulate Mobile Strategies, Mobile BI and closely consult with firms, companies and business owners to positively affect their organizations.

"More than 25% of employees will soon use personal mobile for all work activities."
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Our CMC Offerings:

  • Plan to Transform IT For Mobile.
  • Assess Your Organization's Level Of Mobile Engagement
  • Understanding and applying mobile trends in platforms, tablets, smartphones, and more.
  • Analyzing market and user research
  • Developing a mobile/digital platform strategy.
  • Assessing cross platform app development requirements.
  • Designing an approach to multiple mobile platforms.
  • Creating mobile platform roadmaps.
  • Enterprise Mobile Strategy.

Our Mobility Consultants holds 1-week to 2-week workshops for clients to inform them on the newest technology innovations that directly affect them and create Mobile strategy for their organization.

"40% of today's Retail executives' state Cross Channel Customer Experience as their biggest challenge. ."
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We consider and suggest a different way of thinking Mobile Strategy; Here is vEmployee's way to develop a comprehensive mobile engagement plans that embraces the needs of your customers, partners and employees.

We partner with you to quantifiable ROI metrics and set realistic goals for your enterprise's mobile initiatives. Our Mobility Consulting enables to define strategy & map your business roadmap for 9, 12 & 18-month block to success.