Our Consulting & Advisory services team helps clients to drive innovation and business transformation needed to achieve success. We create business and IT strategies that enable companies to generate new value and manage complex challenges with the power of Mobility and enable a secure and robust infrastructure that supports emerging business and technology requirements

We offer following Strategic Consulting and Advisory Services:

  • Enterprise Mobility
  • Mobile Cloud Computing
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Mobile Device Management

vEmployee Enterprise Governance Platform

Consulting And Advisory

Other Services:

  • Enterprise Mobility: We at vEmployee enhances enterprise effectiveness by providing relevant information at the right time at the right place, increasing productivity, efficiency and responsiveness by empowering the mobile work force essential to enterprises interest in providing on- demand services.
  • Mobile Cloud Computing: We at vEmployee helped user "Anytime, Anywhere" advantage becoming a reality. Using mobile devices, computing power from cloud computing technology and Internet accessibility together creates a new flow, which is mobile cloud computing for enterprises solutions.
  • Mobile Analytics: We at vEmployee help our clients to analyze mobile apps & solutions behavior, campaign, promotions and event monitoring and strategies their plans. Detect, diagnose and fix apps & solutions running on Mobile devices, tablets, Smartphone's by unique middleware and gives complete dashboard.
  • Mobile Device Management: We at vEmployee provides the most innovative and secure Mobile Device Management solution, making mobile solutions "business-ready" and keeping mobile content secure for enterprise needs having simple user experience and support "bring your own device" (BYOD)