Azure Consulting

Today's competitive market demands extensive use of Cloud network for growing time-to-market needs. Developing competitive applications or migrating existing applications to cloud requires extensive experience and technology expertise. At vEmployee, we ensure our customers get cloud implementation right the first time. We focus on maximizing scalability by optimizing cost and thus enhancing ROI from Cloud.

vEmployee's Cloud Computing Services with Microsoft Azure Includes:

Development on Azure Cloud: We have a mandatory Fitment Assessment for Cloud requirements, prior to starting of the project. It helps us in reviewing business requirements and providing high feasibility deliverable to reap maximum benefits from Cloud.

Migration to Azure: Migration is a crucial decision and you must first be certain if your business requirements and best suited for cloud. Our team assesses the requirements for any architectural dependencies or potential lockers. We refactor each layer subsequently to optimize applications on Cloud.

Innovation on Azure:

  • Resource management - With Azure, all necessary virtual machines, network bandwidth and other infrastructural resources and handled directly. Infact you pay only for what you use.
  • Dynamic Scaling - Azure provides the capability to both scale out and scale back your application depending on your application requirements. You can adjust load much more easily and dynamically with Microsoft Azure.
  • High Availability & Durability - Microsoft Azure provides a platform for highly available applications that can reliably store and access back end data through storage services & SQL Azure database.

Leverage on vEmployee's expertise on Azure PaaS, Microsoft Cloud PaaS , Azure Platform Consulting & SQL Azure Consulting in developing your customized Cloud Solutions.