Custom Kohana Development

Kohana is a Hierarchy Model View Controller PHP5 framework best for building custom web applications. Kohana framework is good for working strictly with PHP 5.x classes & objects instead of files and functions. It simplifies web applications and has several features & benefits:

  • Building Applications Quickly
  • Using specific Libraries and Tools
  • Writing Commercial Applications
  • Working with Objects and Classes
  • Writing Custom Code
  • Extensive Community Support
  • Fast Framework environment
  • Simplified Debugging and Profiling Tools

At vEmployee, we follow a process driven methodology to deliver feature rich Kohana application development services for various domains. Our Kohana Developers are well versed with latest functionalities and trends. We understand client needs and so plan the implementation process, develop applications based on our preset coding standards and deliver on-time high-quality Kohana applications.

Our Kohana Development services include:

  • Custom Kohana application development
  • Development and Maintenance
  • Kohana v3.x MVC development
  • Kohana Theme and Template Design
  • Kohana Module Development
  • Kohana Plugin Development

We specialize in Web 2.0 portals, Job portals, eCommerce websites, website application, Social Networking sites, and other similar web applications development in Kohana framework.

Do you want to build a Kohana application? Connect with our Kohana experts for a free consultation and get more details about our working model.