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We are NOT an Outsourcing company.

Over the last 16 years, hundreds of customers have benefited from a unique model that gives startups and small/medium enterprises the feel of a dedicated team located just down the hall from them.

High-quality resources backed by world-class technical supervision and infrastructure give our clients the hassle-free application development expertise they need to grow their business with none of the drawbacks of the outsourcing model.

What will working with vEmployee mean to you?

Hire a Developer, Get a Team

Hire a Developer, Get a Team

You pay only for the developers attached to your team but in the vEmployee model, each developer is backed by a full team. Developers are supported by a Quality team and guided and supervised by senior technical and operational managers - all part of the package deal at no extra cost to you.

Quality Tested Code

Quality Tested Code

Each developer is expected to turn in tested code. We also recognize that high-quality code needs an independent review as well. As a part of the vEmployee model, our Quality team reviews the code your developer checks in - even if you do not specifically hire the QA team.

2 Week Free Trial

2 Weeks Free Trial

If you aren't wowed in two weeks, you won’t pay a thing. We're that confident that we can take your project beyond what you've imagined. We've done it many times before.

Innovation Diary

Innovations Diary

We focus on helping you deliver business outcomes. A sign of this focus is the mandate we give each developer to think about the business of the client they work for and to log in an “Innovations Diary” their thoughts on what could be done to help that business.

Got an idea in mind, allow us to convert it into a reality.

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